ClearPlus Inc. Enhances Website, Announces New Products And Packaging

October 7, 2014

Garfield, NJ - In support of the diversified client base it serves, ClearPlus Inc. has launched a Spanish language option and an online look-up for HD applications on its website.

Spanish is the first in a series of languages the company is currently developing for its website. Other languages will be announced as they go live. With the integration of the HD product line on the website, ClearPlus says it is keeping in mind the needs of industrial, fleet and traditional customers servicing segments of the HD market. A print version of the company's Application Guide, updated through 2015, also is available and now includes both automotive and unique HD applications.
“This year, HD sales and markets south of the border have gained significant traction. Rollover to new packaging that communicates a cleaner, modern and consistent color palette across all our products is now complete and getting very encouraging customer feedback,” said Matthew Beadling, the company’s spokesperson.
“This year at AAPEX, new packaging will be on display as well as Signature Gold series, a new product with an 'intelli-curve' frame structure that keeps the center piece rigid and allows flexibility to secondary hinges. This innovative product has been designed to enhance contact with windshield at all points, maintain wiping performance in all weather conditions, and make us more competitive. The product provides most relevant and updated application coverage for newer cars on the road offered by any one wiper product in the market” added Beadling.