About Us

We are a windshield wiper blade company with distribution in the automotive aftermarket through group and independent resellers of hard part, oil and chemical, fleet and industrial products. We create and manage programs for our house and private label customers with direct and outsourced manufacturing in India and China and Sales and Distribution network in North America and other select markets.

Our Team

Raj Chawla

Founder and CEO

He believes that products and services should stand their tests of time and make up best testimonials for Companies. Raj brings unique, seasoned skills in the product category from engineering to distribution. Loves to help distributors create and grow their programs with healthy margins. Over the years, Raj has provided end-to-end solutions for several Pvt. Label Programs. Prior to starting ClearPlus, Raj worked at Philips Electronics NA and Price Waterhouse.

Sunil Bhatia

Unit Head, India Plant

Manages a team of 80 people. Hopes more customers and prospects would like to visit. “ClearPlus is not quite a wonder of the world but Taj Mahal is less than a 3 hour drive.”

Augustine Chao

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and cost control for raw material purchases and programs outsourced to third parties.